on between wildlife and residents keeps▓ rising. One Chinese man named Zhuo Qiang, with a commitment to protect lions, came here to make a difference. Via establishing Mara Wildlife Conservation Foundation in 20▓11, Zhuo became the first Chinese citizen

to register a private charity in Africa.After working as a civil servant for 15 years, Zhuo's life changed in 2004 when he visited Afr

ica for the first time and saw a pride of lions. "It was as if I saw my own relatives, I didn't want to leave, especially upon seeing the pack. It was exactly what I had always pictured in my dreams. It was like a window opening for me to reveal my life'

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e. Ma▓ybe once or twice a week. I dreamed of being a lion, going▓ to Africa, staying and running in the Savannah," he added. And his dream came true in 2010 when he fi▓n

ally decided to move to Africa to save lions.Wildlife ▓protection is a challenging job. In Masai Mara Ecosystem, government-run Masai Mara National Reserve stood only

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has been issued to local Maasal. Thus wildlife protection r▓elies heavily on individuals. However, exponential human population growth has led to growing demand for land and natural resources, increas

ing agricultural culti▓vation and large-scale construction. Some land are sold to outsiders who don't care about sustainable de▓velopment. The increasingly fragmented land has caused ▓a negative impact for wildlife migration and the ecological chain. Therefore, private conservancies are establishe▓d under cooperation with local Maasai communities in order to protect wildlife while making a bette

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r living for locals.In 2011, Zhuo established the Mara Co▓nservation Fund, which provides funds for purchasing equipm▓ent and vehicles, offers education and measures to prevent ▓conflicts between human b

eings and animals. In 2012, Zhuo had cooperated with Ol Kinyei Conservancy to promote wildlife conservation among Chinese communities. Some Chinese criticized him for protecting animals in Africa in

of Kenya's wildlife. On the vast land of over 25,000km in territory, live more than 95 mammal species and 550 bir